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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Basic Needs of Animals

Animals have basic needs to. The basic needs of animals are air, food, water and shelter.Animals need to eat and drink to help them grow and stay healthy.


hunt for food

Drink water
Animals that eat only plants are called herbivores. Most herbivores, including the giraffe, macaw, ground squirrel, and elephant. Some herbivores, however, are very particular about the plant matter they eat. Wild pandas have evolved to eat nothing but bamboo plants -- a food that is plentiful where they live but not particularly nutritious for bears.

That eat only other animals are called carnivores. Polar bears, sharks, woodpeckers, and anteaters are all carnivores. Like herbivores, however, carnivores may generalize and eat a wide variety of animals, or specialize and eat only one type.

Omnivores are the least choosy about what they eat. These animals, which include raccoons, opossums, and black and grizzly bears, eat both plants and animals, and often eat a wide variety of each. A typical grizzly bear, for example, will eat just about anything it can catch and get its mouth around.

Animals also need shelter to protect them from the sun,the rain and danger.

An animal shelter is a facility that houses homeless, lost, or abandoned animals; primarily a large variety of dogs and cats, parrots, for example, are the third most common pet owned by people. Most parrot shelters are privately run, due to the need for specialized care. 

The goal of today's animal shelter is to provide a safe and caring environment until the animal is either reclaimed by its owner, placed in a new home, or placed with another organization.

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